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About Bali

Bali is an island of adventure and opportunity: a surfer’s paradise and a backpacker’s dream. A place where Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Buddhists live in harmony. Temples neighbor mosques. As you bathe yourself in the lukewarm, salty waters of the Balinese sea, you look back at the monkey-ridden cliffs, covered in colorful wild flowers. The sculpted landscape is so ethereal it could make the most committed atheist question the existence of a divine creator — an image even the most talented artist would surely fail to capture.

Bali is a place where you can find women dressed in sarongs, paradoxically riding gracefully on the back of petrol scooters, balancing a tower of sarongs on their heads; the perfect contrast of modernity and tradition. Unlike the children we know who rush home from school to play the latest PlayStation games or catch their favorite cartoons on television, children here embrace the outdoors and relish in the enjoyment of flying homemade kites.

Tour Package

With Jhon Bali Tour, you can select a half day tour, full day tour, overnight tour, or custom itinerary tour that you made yourself (self plan tour) based on your interest. We will be more than happy to assist you during your holiday in Bali.

Half Day Tour

Our half day tours is a perfect choice for those who don't have much time during their holiday in Bali but want to explore the beauty of the Islands on their limited time. It is designed for you to get the best experience in a compact time.

Full Day Tour

Enjoy our Bali full day tour packages with your friend or family, our private driver which also act as your tour guide will surely take you to the best place in Bali. This package will be best option if you plan to visit more than 5 tour destinations.

Custom Tour

Our itinerary is dynamic. If you want, you can make your own tour plan. With custom itinerary, you can select the tour destination you like to visit. You may also consult with us about the place you want to visit so we can suggest which place will suit your criteria and cover the tour duration time.

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About Jhon Bali Tour

Who we are?

Jhon Bali Tour is freelance private driver service and tour assistance co-founded by Mr. Jhonny A.K since mid of 2017 to assist Bali Tourist with indigenous experience while visiting the island of Gods. We are also member of Bali Tourism Driver, a freelance Balinese private driver community, a tour organizer with goal to give the best experiences with minimum budget. Apart as a private driver, we also act as your tour guide, so it will multiple the benefit you get while enjoying your tour.

What we do?

Our specialization is planning the best tour for you holiday based on your interest, whether it is cultures tour, arts, adventures, sport or any other interesting things that you may want to visit. Our service range including Bali Tour: which is half day, full day and overnight tour, Bali Activities: which is including sport, water sport, and adventures, Airport Transfer to avoid you with the hustle of Ngurah Rai International Airport while arriving at or departing from Bali, as well as Car Charter service that will take you anywhere around the island for your own tour plan.